Backstage with the hair and makeup team at Charleston Fashion Week 2012

I was lucky enough to be backstage with the hair and makeup team for this years Charleston Fashion Week! It was a beautiful learning experience. A big thanks to everyone for the knowledge they dropped on me that week. It was gorgeous.

All Images provided by Meg Workman

Paul Mitchell Caper 2012 Vegas

After beginning my professional education at Paul Mitchell the School Charleston I acquired the chance to attend the PM 2012 Caper event in Vegas this past February! I along with several other future professionals flew out to the city of sin for a weekend of education with the top educators within the Paul Mitchell family. We took specialty classed in cut, color and attended live shows in styling by George Morales, Kelly Cardenas, Mike Helm, Dave Holland, Robert Cromeans, Stephani Kocielski, Takashi, and Linda Yodice. This event was an amazing introduction the beauty industry and fueled my passion for it even more. You have to start somewhere.

She Picked Sea Shells by the Sea Shore.

Finger nail polish is pretty. It, along with your nail length, and shape say a lot more about your personality than you can really imagine.

Crazy nail art, sequins, acrylics, gel, gel polish, stick on, paint on, round, short, long, square… where do you begin?

Im into classic matte solids, ones I can find at the drug store, for cheap, because I want and think I need them all.

This week, i’m re-painting and going with the theme of “lunch at the mermaid oyster bar”. After slurping down half a dozen raw oysters, and having a nice few glasses of sangria this ode goes out to colors from the sea. Corals, purples, grays, blues, greens, yellows-all aren’t matter-of-factly related to water but remind me of that lunch in SoHo.

If  your ever in this area, you have to go! Raw fish lovers unite!

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